2010 Student Design Competition Winners

The 2010 ASID Washington Metro Chapter student design competition involved designing a space of the student or faculty’s choosing from a category list within a provided shell. The student or faculty determined the design problem and solution for the project. Additionally, the design needed to innovatively utilize the products of Carnegie Fabrics, the exclusive project sponsor.

Best of Show


Stephen D. Ramos
The George Washington University


Category Winners:

Healthcare / Institutional
Nourish the Arts

Marie-Frances Tolentino
Marymount University

Senses Learning Center


Peyton Whitehill
Marymount University

US India


JB Hoang
Marymount University

Light Matters

Maria Del Solar
Marymount University

Hospitality / Retail / Entertainment
Bubble Lounge

Kinga Rusiniak
Marymount University

Watch a video clip of the competition winners accepting their awards: